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Tadi Coffee Export is a division of EGT Group which is established to engage in collecting, cleaning, processing, grading & exporting Ethiopia’s Organic Arabica green washed, unwashed and sundried Coffee to its neighboring countries and across the globe as described below.

Tadi, as one of Ethiopia’s Coffee exporter, has a long history of providing high-quality products to both domestic and international markets. Tadi Coffee is a firm with passion and vision, founded on the ideas of providing fairness and transparency to the export value chain while meeting customer demand. Tadi Coffee specializes in Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, Nekemte, Guji, Jimma and Limmu coffees, all of which are synonymous with Organic Arabica coffee. Tadi has 10 + washing stations in the country’s most important coffee-producing regions, all of which are set at ideal altitudes for coffee beans to bloom. Each of our sites is located in a different zone and produce its own unique coffee. Tadi has a track record of fair trading and great customer service dating back to its inception twenty-five years ago.

Ethiopian coffee flavor and aroma are present in its fine spectrum of gourmet, specialty, and organic coffee due to the country’s diverse varieties of Arabica farming and its extremely favorable environment with high altitudes, good rainfall, and rich volcanic soils. Our coffees have a spicy, floral, or mocha flavor and are high in acidity, body, aromatics, and sweetness. We partner with the very best suppliers and farmers in each region to produce top-grade quality coffee in some of the country’s most sought-after varietals. Particular coffees are typically named according to the broader varietal, by the specific growing location, often the local Wereda (equivalent of a parish) where they came from.

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Our Coffees

Sidamo Coffee

Sidama is in the south of Ethiopia and encompasses several other zones (locally known as woredas). The coffee is sold under the name “Sidamo.”
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Yirgacheffe Coffee

Yirgacheffe officially called Gedeo, is a zone within the state of SNNPR. Coffee is sold under the name Yirgacheffe, which is a (district) within the Gedeo Zone.
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Lekempti Coffee

Lekempti coffee is produced in Western Ethiopia and it is highly valued for its pleasant fruity flavor.
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Djimma Coffee

Djimma is a region located in the south-western part of Ethiopia, near Kaffa where it is believed to be the first place where Coffee was originated
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Guji Coffee

Guji is in the southern Ethiopian coffee-growing region of Oromia. Almost all of the coffee trees cultivated in this region of Southern Ethiopia produce.......
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